Halifax Solutions provides the following services required to establish and manage your community development district throughout Florida. Our district services include:

District Establishment: Assist in the creation of the petition required to file for establishment providing them with the statement of estimated regulatory costs (SERC).  Attend all meetings and hearings required for the establishment process.

District Management: The District Manager shall have charge and supervision of the works of the District and shall be responsible for preserving and maintaining any improvement or facility constructed or erected pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, for maintaining and operating the equipment owned by the District, and for performing such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.  Some of these additional duties include but are not limited to administrative, accounting, and revenue collection services.

Bond Issuance: Draft bond validation and special assessment allocation methodology reports as needed for the issuance of bonds to fund public infrastructure for capital improvement projects of the District.

Dissemination Agent: Serve as dissemination agent for the District and undertake the obligations as set forth in the continuing disclosure agreement and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 15c-12.

Website Compliance & Email Services: Responsible for ensuring the District’s website maintain compliance with Chapter 189.069, Florida Statutes.  Provide and manage email accounts for Supervisors and staff upon request.

Community Inspections: Conduct monthly inspections of the District upon request to review any outstanding or new issues that need to be addressed by the Board.

At Halifax Solutions, we understand that not all clients have the same needs and therefore we are prepared to tailor our services to meet a client’s specific needs.